The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts

sica-exterior.jpgThe Southern Indiana Center for the Arts is a complete arts center with multiple venues, located in Seymour. The center was made possible through the generosity of local singer, songwriter and artist, John Mellencamp.

Features rotating exhibits by various artists and is the world’s only public display of a private collection of paintings by John Mellencamp.

Amphitheater for the Performing Arts
Hosts many concerts and other stage productions throughout the year, including Friday Night Live during the summer months.

Crafts and Pottery Barn
Visitors can learn how to “throw a pot” during this unique experience.

The Conner Museum of Antique Printing
A working print shop of period presses of the 1800s. Visitors can even take home examples of Gutenberg’s type.


The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
2001 N Ewing St in Seymour. 812-522-2278


Open Tuesday through Friday noon-5:00pm, Saturday 11am-3pm