Wildlife Refuge in Seymour, IN

For years, Jackson County residents and visitors have enjoyed the beauty of nature in our wildlife refuge. With thousands of acres of undeveloped land, visitors have a chance to experience the great outdoors in an entirely new way. We are located a short distance from Highway 65 and are easily accessible from Cincinnati.

Wildlife Refuge Activities

When visiting the Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge, there are activities for both adults and children. One of the highlights of the refuge, for many visitors, is the chance to see native animals in their natural habitat. The refuge is home to over 300 species of migratory birds, including a pair of majestic, nesting bald eagles. People also enjoy watching our local colony of river otters as they hunt and play in the refuge's waterways. Along with animal watching, visitors enjoy hiking the scenic trails, and touring a restored, early 20th-century barn and cabin. Fishing, hunting, and wildlife photography are also popular activities.

Habitat Conservation

The Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge was established in 1966 as a haven for migrating birds to rest and feed. Its mission is to protect and restore the land and waterways, allowing birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish to call it home. We also strive to protect the area so that current and future visitors can experience the wonders of this natural refuge.

Visitors with questions about upcoming events, certain recreation areas, or specific activities should contact the Jackson County Visitor Center today.