The Southern Indiana
Center for the Arts

The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts is a complete arts center with multiple venues, located in Seymour. The center was made possible through the generosity of local singer, songwriter and artist, John Mellencamp.

Features rotating exhibits by various artists and is the world’s only public display of a private collection of paintings by John Mellencamp.

Amphitheater for the Performing Arts
Hosts many concerts and other stage productions throughout the year, including Friday Night Live during the summer months.

Crafts and Pottery Barn
Visitors can learn how to “throw a pot” during this unique experience.

The Conner Museum of Antique Printing
A working print shop of period presses of the 1800s. A “hands-on” time line along the wall lets the visitor travel the history of the written and printed word from the caveman’s stone tablet to lithography. They will see how our written language developed from the symbols of the pre-historic man to the Egyptian hieroglyphic picture language. They will follow the instruments of writing to Johannes Gutenberg’s methods of printing. Visitors can even take home examples of Gutenberg’s type. Group outings are encouraged.

The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
2001 N Ewing St in Seymour. 812-522-2278

Open Tuesday through Friday noon-5:00pm, Saturday 11am-3pm


Swope Art Collection

Visit the Jackson County Public Library in Seymour to view the Swope Art Collection.

Born in Jackson County in 1868, Swope studied art in Europe and became a recognized artist of the period and an avid art collector. Originating from a bequest to the Seymour Art League by Swope, the collection contains works by Swope; Hoosier Group artists T.C. Steele, J. Ottis Adams, William Forsyth, and Otto Stark; 1800s woodblock prints by Ando Hiroshige; Andrei Hudiakoff; Ada and Aldoph Shulz; to works by more recent artists.

303 W Second St Seymour IN 47274 812-522-3412

Artisan Trails

The By Hoosier Hands Artisan Trails features Indiana Artisans, culinary stops created by the Indiana Foodway Alliance and Indiana Wine Trail participants across Southeast Indiana.

Jackson County’s Forests and Farms Trail highlights several local artisans:

  • Members of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
  • Jackson County resident and Indiana Artisan, Tim Burton of Burton’s Maplewood Farm
  • Jackson County resident and Indiana Artisan, Pete Baxter
  • Artist and teacher, Kay Fox
  • Accomplished pastel artist, Maureen O’Hara Pesta

“Handcrafted and Homegrown by Hoosier Hands in Southeast Indiana” is a 130-page book about four different artisan trails, each highlighting galleries, studios, arts-related sites, food and lodging. Historic sites, unique dining, hotels, quaint lodging, farms, markets, wineries and several festivals throughout the seven-county area have also been included in the book, available for purchase at the Jackson County Visitor Center.



Jackson County Community Theatre
has been performing since 1971 and continues to entertain with several plays and events throughout the year. The Royal Off-The-Square Theatre in Brownstown houses most of the performances and a variety of other community events. Jackson County Community Theatre is located at 121 W. Walnut Street in Brownstown. 812-358-JCCT

ACTS Actors Community Theater of Seymour
hopes to provide worthwhile recreation, entertainment, and expression of talent in Seymour, Indiana, and the surrounding communities. Performances are held around the Seymour area.

Crothersville Town Players
Several performances and dinner theaters are held throughout the year. The group also sponsors auctions, fundraisers and various events. Crothersville Town Players is located in Hamacher Hall, 211 E. Howard Street in Crothersville. 812-793-2760 or 812-793-2322

Check local school websites for youth theater productions.

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