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When Rory and Kathy Cowles would go on vacation, they’d notice all the Mom and Pop small businesses that were scattered throughout the places they’d visit.

Being from a smaller community themselves, they decided they wanted to bring back a Mom and Pop-style restaurant and business to their town.

So the Medora couple opened up Gobbler Holler General Store, Deli and Bait Shop on Dec. 29, 2014.

The business got its name from the fact there are usually turkeys all down in the “holler” where they’re located, and their nephew spent time turkey hunting with Rory years ago.

The couple live “just a stone’s throw away” from their business, which they joke that the drive is “terrible.”

They appreciate their only other employee, Kim, who has driven much further to work for them the last three years.

Over the last five-plus years in business, they’ve become known for the Gobbler Burger. The burger is two 3/4 pound burger patties with three buns. When it’s dressed, the giant sandwich weighs in at 1.64 pounds.

Customers also have come to enjoy the turkey club and specialty sandwiches that are named after regular visitors.

“The Dave” is a BLT with egg and cheese added, and “The Marty” is a fried bologna sandwich served on Texas toast with pepper jack cheese, egg and tomato.

They also offer items you’d find in a general store, and bait for your next fishing trip.

Rory and Kathy said their favorite part of owning the their restaurant and business is simple.

“It’s the friend you meet, and the great people you encounter,” they said.

Visit the Gobbler Holler Facebook page by clicking here.

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